About us

Hello, welcome to our website! In 2013 Dr. Jannine and her husband, Joel with his tech savvy skills, teamed up to start a website that shared recipes and healthy living resources for her patients as she found that there was always so much more that she wanted to share in appointments but ran out of time.  Having a central website with resources proved valuable to her patients and she started to take requests for information to be shared on the site.

As the next few years went by, Dr. Jannine started to notice the requests for information on aging related conditions such as digestion, fatigue, memory loss, food sensitivities, skin issues and pain started to flood in.  So she set out on a mission to create courses that cover all the key steps to improve one’s health and slow down the aging process.  All too often we take our health for granted and we fuel our bodies with junk, over eat, drink too much caffeine and alcohol, then sit around all day at stressful jobs, which leave us too busy to get a workout in, only to go home and not be able to sleep.  And somewhere along the way we look in the mirror and wonder what happened to that youthful glow, sharp mind and strong body then blame all the change on age. 

Dr. Jannine and Joel in their mid-30’s found themselves no strangers to the “effects of aging” either and decided it was time to inspire those in their early 30’s and older that it is not too late to take charge of your health so that your 40’s and beyond can be the healthiest years of your life.  Dr. Jannine firmly believes that Hippocrates’ was right that all disease starts in the gut.  Thus it is critical that everything you put into your mouth or on your skin is of the highest standards possible. 

Our supplement and skin care lines are aligned with our values and are made from the highest quality products available. We source non-toxic and non-genetically modified ingredients, organic when possible, our products are never tested on animals and all are made in the USA using good manufacturing processes (GMP) certified facilities.  Jannine and Joel are committed to client satisfaction thus everything from courses, supplements and skin care products are 100% guaranteed.  We are not satisfied until you are!  Joel and I welcome you to our community and look forward to inspiring you on your journey to optimal health!