• $319.00 / Quarter
    • Four 60 Minute Consultation
    • This is best for those who are wanting to address their health concerns but need guidance and accountability without having to weed through all of the conflicting advice on the internet.
    • Initial consult including all annual health review benefits
    • Two follow up consults with repeat blood work analysis
    • Custom treatment plan modifications to ensure results
    • Three – 15 minute troubleshooting sessions
    • Membership to the private Facebook group
    • Monthly health check-in check lists & resource tips
    • Download your lab paperwork and have your labs drawn
    • Submit your health assessment to Doc J Krause for her review
    • Use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment
    Refund Information:
      • We offer 100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back. You must provide documentation that you have carried out the treatment plan recommendations that Dr. Jannine Krause recommended prior to your refund.


        • Dr. Krause has been practicing naturopathic medicine and acupuncture for a decade & has seen thousands of patient’s for health reviews.
        • Dr. Krause blends natural medicine principles with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to give you a treatment plan that encompasses the best of both medicines.
        • Dr. Krause is up to date on the latest research, attends every conference she can and is always reading up on new developments.
        • Dr. Krause is committed to finding the cause of your symptoms versus putting band-aids on them.
        • Dr. Krause uses a combination of lifestyle and diet changes along with herbs and supplements to correct your health concerns.
        • Dr. Krause uses a comprehensive approach when taking a look into your health as lifestyle, moods, stress, trauma & injuries that one’s experienced in life all are just as important as one’s current symptoms.
        • Dr. Krause’s mission is to be an advisor in your health not an authoritative figure, she will work with you to determine what treatment plan is best for you right now in your stage of life.


        Dr. Jannine Krause’s mission is to be an advisor in your health, to provide natural medicine, herbal, lifestyle or nutritional advice.  She will not replace a primary care physician or medical doctor and advises all her patients to make sure they have a medical doctor overseeing their medical care.



        A naturopathic doctor is a doctor who studied post graduate studies, similar to a medical doctor’s training, however, a naturopathic doctor has extensive training in herbal medicine, lifestyle change, functional medicine, nutriceuticals (supplements) and nutrition.  Dr. Krause attended Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA and graduated in 2007 with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a masters of acupuncture.  Upon graduation she took her national boards to be licensed to practice naturopathic medicine.